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5 Reason To Try Morpheus8

Summer is just around the corner and that means less makeup and more exposed skin. As your largest and most exposed organ, it’s imperative that you’re taking care of your skin and giving it the TLC it deserves. One of our favorite treatments to help give you a confidence boost and a collagen boost is the Morpheus8 for the face and body. 

Here are our 5 favorite reasons to try this skin tightening procedure.  

It’s Like Getting Two Treatments in One

For starters, the Morpheus8 is a unique microneedling device that utilizes radio-frequency (RF) energy to up the ante for visible results that last.

As the name implies, micro-needling uses a very fine needle to create small punctures in the skin. A powerhouse standalone treatment, it improves skin concerns like acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, loose skin, skin texture, pore size, brown spots, stretch marks, and pigment issues — yep, all of it! Conversely, RF works a bit differently, relying on a technique that heats the deep layer of skin in a controlled manner to trigger collagen production, which smooths and lifts the skin’s surface. 

While there are plenty of treatments that do either micro-needling or RF treatments, there aren’t as many that can effectively do both at the same time, making the Morpheus8 a game-changer. 

It Boosts Your Collagen

Collagen is a fibrous protein found naturally in the skin that is responsible for skin strength and elasticity. As we age, collagen naturally dissipates, meaning that keeping new collagen coming in is vital for glowing, ageless skin. 

By injuring the skin and forcing regrowth through micro needling and RF, Morpheus8 treatments increase the production of collagen significantly for a tighter, more youthful look that other devices can’t achieve as quickly or efficiently. 

It Can Be Used On the Face and the Body Safely

Morpheus8 isn’t just for your face. The unique device has the ability to repair sagging skin anywhere on the body such as the neck, decolletage, and back. The gentle function of this system reduces the risk of any potential side effects such as hyperpigmentation, making it a safe treatment option for any skin type or color. 

Additionally, Morpheus8 is the only treatment that can mold fat under the skin to obtain optimal results that make sagging skin a thing of the past. 

The Results Keep on Coming

Following your Morpheus8 treatment, you can expect to see results in a few days, with peak results around the three-week mark, post-treatment. However, the collagen creation process takes up to three months in full. While this might sound dramatic, it actually just means your results will continue to improve in the weeks following your Morpheus8 treatment. 

There’s No Downtime With Morpheus8

Since Morpheus8 is a non-invasive treatment, within an hour, you’ll be in and out of our office and ready to return to your life. While you may experience slight pinpoint bleeding and redness immediately after your treatment, these side effects will dissipate revealing a brand new you: Just be sure to go heavy on the SPF and moisturizer until the skin is healed completely. 

Curious about how Morpheus8 can change your face and body? Give us a call and book your consultation today: (864) 565-7673.

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