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Cellulite refers those deposits of fat that typically appear around the thighs. Women are typically the ones who experience cellulite, but men can have it as well. Many choose to accept it as a way of life that just comes as a natural consequence of aging. We at Alma Rose think differently. We know you don’t want to live with your cellulite, and we don’t think you should have to.

What Is Cellulite?

This is a term for that lumpy, dimpling skin that tends to collect on your legs, around the thigh area. It comes from excess fat, and appears more frequently in women. This is because of the way women’s fat, muscle and connective tissues are distributed. It is not painful or dangerous, but it can be unsightly. Unfortunately, just losing weight doesn’t always resolve the problem.

What Causes Cellulite?

So why does it happen? Again, it comes down to the way fat and muscle are connected beneath the skin. In women, fat cells and connective tissue are arranged vertically in the subdermal layer. This means that when fat cells grow, it is easier for them to protrude upwards. This dimples the skin and creates the cellulite effect. This can occur in men, but because their connective tissue has more of a criss-cross arrangement, it is less likely.

How Can Alma Rose Help?

Our highly trained staff, which includes a premier aesthetician with many years of experience and a fully certified medical doctor, will meet with you to discuss your concerns and examine your trouble areas. Part of our signature consultation experience includes a thermographic cellulite analysis, to help determine the location and severity of your skin concerns as well as to help you track your results with our treatment using the Alma Rose App. Your treatment protocol may include massage, electromagnetic stimulation, Ultherapy and/or lifestyle changes.


Cellulite on a woman's buttocks

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