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Gummy Smile

Our smile is one of the main things people notice when they meet us. Having a shining set of teeth is important, but the appearance of our gums can make or break a first impression too. Those who have a gummy smile, or a smile in which the upper lip rests high on the gums, tend to feel self-conscious when approached. If this sounds familiar to you, our Alma Rose team can help. At our Greenville medspa, we offer effective BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments to help address this problem.

What Causes a Gummy Smile?

The most common causes of a gummy smile are gingival hypertrophy and vertical maxillary excess, both of which are due to a genetic predisposition. Another cause is a short or hyperactive upper lip as well as the shape and size of your teeth. In some cases, the issue can be caused by a combination of gum and lip-related factors that give the illusion of having small teeth. If this is the case, a BOTOX® Cosmetic injection can offer a solution.

How Can Alma Rose Help Me?

At Alma Rose, we aim to create a luxurious and rewarding experience for all that walk through our doors. When it comes to addressing gummy smiles, we prefer a personalized approach. Each smile is unique, and though our standard treatment relies on injectables, we still provide thorough evaluations to determine the best injection site. This level of dedication is what you can expect from your relationship with our caring and professional staff.

What Results Can I Expect?

Treating a gummy smile with BOTOX® Cosmetic is a minimally-invasive procedure. During this process, your upper lip is relaxed with the injectable to ensure that it no longer contracts or elevates as much when smiling. The treatment is very effective, and the results usually last three months. Over your treatment course, you may find that the results lasts for longer and longer between sessions. Best of all, this treatment requires no downtime and you may return to work immediately after your visit. The full effects of this gummy smile treatment can be seen after about two weeks.


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