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What Are Migraines?

Those of us who struggle with stress and anxiety may often succumb to tension headaches or migraines. While over-the-counter pain medication can offer some temporary relief, frequent pain may motivate us to hunt for a more long-term solution. If your migraines have become frequent and extreme, our Alma Rose team is happy to provide you with the relief you need in the form of BOTOX® Cosmetic or Xeomin® injections.

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What Causes Migraines?

Migraines Treatment Greenville, SC is often categorized as being either primary or secondary. While primary headaches occur when the pain-sensitive structures in our brains become overactive, secondary headaches are caused by an underlying issue. These issues can range from dehydration to stroke and everything in between. In order to diagnose a migraine properly, comprehensive consultation with a specialist may be required. In most cases, BOTOX® Cosmetic and Xeomin® injections can provide effective relief. However, if you prefer a completely non-invasive option, we also provide massages for pain management.

Injectable Migraine Treatments

BOTOX® Cosmetic and Xeomin® injections treat migraines by blocking neurotransmitter chemicals that carry pain signals from your brain. These injections function to block the chemicals before they get to the nerve endings in your head and neck. When you visit Alma Rose, we may administer several shots of BOTOX® Cosmetic around your head and neck over a predetermined treatment course that may span as long as 12 weeks. This process can effectively ease your pain and may prevent future migraines.

Massage Services for Migraines

If injectables aren’t something you’re interested in, our massage services can also serve as a means of pain management. All of the massages provided at Alma Rose can offer benefits linked to increased blood flow to the muscles and tissues. These benefits result in greater injury recovery, a reduction of pain, less fatigue, less stress, and more flexibility over time. When it comes to migraine relief, our massage services can significantly reduce tension, easing the factors that contribute to getting headaches in the first place.

Treatment Results

Generally, 30-40 shots of BOTOX® Cosmetic or Xeomin® may be necessary to fully quell your migraine pain. Most of our patients see results 2-3 weeks after their first treatment. Migraines can strike at any time and for a number of reasons. That is why getting a proper diagnosis and making lifestyle changes in accordance with your doctor’s recommendations is essential to ensuring long-term relief from migraines.


Migraine Treatments in Greenville, SC

Our experienced staff can deliver a variety of injectable treatments and therapeutic massages to help ease your tension headache and migraine symptoms. To enjoy the benefits of a professional massage, schedule a comprehensive consultation at our Greenville medspa today. You can reach us at 864-565-7673. or through the contact form below.

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