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Get to know Becky, Kevin, and Dr. Paul Pietro.

A great aesthetics practice is only as good as its people. Our team consists of talented individuals with strong moral values, people who take great pride in what they do, and believe in the principles of honesty, compassion for others and dedication. Our people are what enable us to bring you the best aesthetic services possible. Here, then, is the team at Alma Rose, ready to provide you with the high-quality aesthetic services you’ve been waiting for. We look forward to meeting you!

Becky Gossett

Becky Gossett

Becky Gossett has decades of experience in the field of medical aesthetics. She’s the best in the business, capable of providing you with a microneedling procedure as easily as a laser resurfacing treatment. Her own proprietary custom facials will have your face glowing like never before. Becky loves building relationships with her clients and will take the time to learn all about you before recommending the best aesthetic treatments for your needs.

Kevin Gossett

Kevin Gossett

A successful business owner familiar with aesthetics due to the skills of his wife Becky, Kevin Gossett watched over and over again as other aesthetic practices did it the wrong way, focusing on profit rather than people. Determined to do it the right way, and inspired by the example of his grandmother, Alma Rose, Kevin decided with Becky to open up Alma Rose as a person-focused aesthetics practice.

Dr. Paul Pietro

Dr. Paul Pietro

A certified M.D. and OB-GYN, Dr. Pietro has worked with Becky for years. When he learned that she was starting up her own, people-focused aesthetics practice, he knew he had to be a part of it. To our good fortune, Dr. Pietro brings his decades of medical experience under the Alma Rose roof.

Yvonne McCarley

Yvonne McCarley, BSN, RN

Yvonne McCarley, BSN, RN is a compassionate aesthetic nurse injector with years of experience in building individualized and trusted relationships with her patients, in order to help them reach their goals. She approaches working with patients on a holistic level, as there are many facets to preventing and addressing aesthetic concerns. In her craft she works with an artistic eye to customize desired results.

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