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People have understood the health benefits of massage for centuries. A massage helps bring needed oxygen and flexibility into tired muscles and can help reduce pain, heal injuries and contribute to general wellness. But all massages are not created equal. There are over 80 different recognized styles of massage, each with different goals and theories behind them. At Alma Rose, we have chosen the styles we believe to be the most therapeutic for our clients.


Our Therapeutic Massage Offerings Include:


Swedish massages are probably the most well-known and common type of massages. It is characterized by kneading with long strokes as well as tapping on the top of the muscles and moving joints. It is a great massage for injury recovery and relief of muscle tension.


The lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle tissue massage focusing on increasing lymph fluid circulation. It is characterized by long strokes with light, gentle pressure. Its goal is to help rid your body of toxins by allowing the lymph fluid to collect bacteria, waste and other unwanted material and bring it to the lymph nodes where it can be filtered out of the body.


Neuromuscular massages are a special type of massage focused on muscle strains, where friction and digital pressure are applied to trigger points in order to release the strain on a muscle and reduce pain and tension.


Sports massages are particularly focused on injury recovery, as well as preparing you for athletic activity or any activity where you may be very active and could incur injury if your muscles are not properly conditioned.


Prenatal massages attempt to help your body negotiate the changes that come with pregnancy, through effects such as decreasing swelling of the arms and legs, reducing stress and reducing joint and muscle pain.


Reiki is an eastern massage therapy that is gaining in popularity. It involves the placing of hands lightly on and above the body and is designed to improve the body’s natural healing ability as well as assist with relaxation, stress and a sense of spiritual well-being.

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Benefits of Massage Therapy

All massages can offer benefits linked to increased blood flow to the muscles and tissues. Benefits can include faster injury recovery, a reduction of pain, less fatigue, less stress and more flexibility. Which aspects you benefit the most from will depend on the type you choose and your biggest concerns coming into massage therapy.

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