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Acne Treatments | Greenville, South Carolina | Alma Rose


If you are suffering from severe acne or acne scars, come see us at Alma Rose for a consultation.

Happy woman after body shaping treatments

Body Shaping

If you are interested in having a more shapely, well-toned body, we have many ways of working with you to make that happen.

Cellulite Treatments in Greenville, South Carolina | Alma Rose


If you are looking for a caring, honest solution to your cellulite issue, schedule an appointment at Alma Rose.

Woman hiding her double chin with her hand

Double Chin

If you’re looking for an effective way to eliminate troublesome fat under your chin, our Evoke Face Remodeling and KYBELLA® treatments can help.

Dull and Dry Skin Treatments | Greenville, SC | Alma Rose

Dull and Dry Skin

For effective, meaningful solutions to your dull and dry skin concerns, schedule an appointment at Alma Rose.

Dull Eyelashes and Treatments | Greenville, SC | Alma Rose

Dull Eyelashes

When you come into Alma Rose for a consultation and lash analysis, we can better determine why you are not getting the look you want from your eyelashes.

facial redness

Facial Redness

At Alma Rose, our certified medical doctor and highly experienced aesthetician are on hand to diagnose your facial redness issue and offer treatment options.

Smiling woman with facial volume loss

Facial Volume Loss

If you have thin lips, hollow cheeks, and/or hollow temples that you’d like to add volume to, we offer a number of dermal filler treatments.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles Treatment in Greenville, SC | Alma Rose

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

You will be happy to hear that at Alma Rose, we have many effective ways for dealing with your fine lines and wrinkles.

Happy Woman after freckles treatment


If you have freckles that you would prefer to live without, our dedicated team can provide you a variety of treatment options.

Gummy Smile

Gummy Smile

If you have a gummy smile, our BOTOX® Cosmetic injections may be just what you're looking for. Schedule in Greenville, SC today.

Smiling young man in business casual clothes


We have some of the most sophisticated tools on the market for dealing with hyperpigmentation, along with the skilled personnel.

Large Pores Treatments | Greenville, SC | Alma Rose

Large Pores

The best way to handle your large pores and any skin issues that come with them is to have a full understanding of your skin.

Middle-age man wearing glasses


We have many ways to improve melasma, such as our Alma Rose facials, chemical peels or the Eclipse MicroPen Evo.

Migraines & Treatments | Greenville, SC | Alma Rose


If your migraines have become frequent and extreme, our Alma Rose team is happy to provide you with the relief you need.

Woman's toned body

Muscle Spasms

If you are suffering from frequent muscle spasms, come see us at Alma Rose for a consultation.

Man's chest and bicep muscles

Muscle Tone

For many, a big part of looking good is having a well-toned physique, with less fat and well-defined muscles.

Woman in a dress and sunglasses outside


It can be wonderful to sit in the sun on a warm spring or summer day,

Sagging Skin Treatments | Greenville, SC | Alma Rose

Sagging Skin

We now have many non-invasive, non-painful ways to tighten and firm the skin without downtime.

Man looking at his hairline in the mirror

Scalp Restoration

Our scalp restoration techniques are meant to revitalize and rejuvenate scalp hair follicles to encourage continued growth.

Smiling handsome man


Get state-of-the-art scar treatments now by scheduling a consultation.

Man's body with skin discoloration

Skin Discoloration

We at Alma Rose want to help you look your best with high quality skin discoloration treatments.

Woman in a black shirt and green jacket

Skin Tone and Texture

We’re here to help your skin look its best, with proven, non-invasive treatments for improving skin tone and texture.

Man wearing a gold sweater against a white background

Spider Veins

If you have spider veins or skin that is in any way not reflecting your natural beauty the way it should, we are happy to help at Alma Rose.

Woman wearing a robe in a spacious bathroom

Stretch Marks

If you have stretch marks or skin that is otherwise making you look older than you are, we are happy to help at Alma Rose.

Woman wearing sun glasses in a body of water

Sun Damage

If you have sun-damaged skin or skin that is otherwise making you look older than you are, connect with us at Alma Rose today.

Woman with Thinning Eyebrows and Dull Eyelashes

Thinning Eyebrows

If better eyebrows or eyelashes is what you’re seeking, we’re here to help.

Woman with turkey neck

Turkey Neck

At Alma Rose, we offer effective Evoke treatments to tighten the skin under your chin and help restore your facial profile.

Unwanted Hair Reduction | Greenville, SC | Alma Rose

Unwanted Hair

If you want to get rid of unwanted hair long term in the most efficient and painless way possible, we’re ready to help.

Man with a neck tattoo

Unwanted Tattoos

If you’re ready to finally say goodbye to that tattoo, let Alma Rose come to your aid.

woman smiling


Contact us now to schedule your Alma Rose Signature Consultation Experience. Consultation is free and you will receive a complimentary welcome gift!

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