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The Perfect Treatment for Halloween: The Vampire Facial®

Looking for an exciting new way to reduce skin imperfections like wrinkles, age spots, acne scars and more? Of course you are!

Looking for an exciting new way to reduce skin imperfections like wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, and more? Of course, you are! Well, since we’re approaching Treatment for Halloween, why not consider a Vampire Facial®️?

Vampire Facial®️? Sounds Scary! What Is It?

The only thing really scary about the Vampire Facial®️ is how dramatic its effects can be on your face. The procedure does involve us taking a very small amount of your blood, but unlike a real vampire, we give it right back so that you can benefit from its healing effects!

Ok, Sounds Less Scary. How Does It Work?

The Vampire Facial®️ is an exclusive CIT plus microneedling treatment. CIT is Collagen Induction Therapy, and it refers to the plasma in your blood that is responsible for healing. This plasma is rich in healing growth factors, and when we separate it out from your blood and reintroduce it into your skin, it can have amazing healing effects.

Once we get the plasma and prepare the solution, we numb your face and then microneedle the target area. This entails making many tiny micro-injuries to stimulate healing. While the skin is exposed, we add the CIT, which turbocharges the healing process and stimulates collagen production. The end result is younger-looking, fresher, more even-toned, and textured skin!

But Is It Painful?

Other than the slight pinch as the blood is drawn, you should feel little to no pain, as we are completely numb the target area before we start the micro-needling process. Treatment for Halloween, After the procedure, you may feel somewhat tender in the target area, but this feeling should fade quickly as the skin heals.

I’m Not Scared at All Now, Let’s Try It!

Where Can I Get a Vampire Facial®️ in South Carolina?

You should be aware that not just any aesthetics practice or med spa can perform a Vampire Facial®️. You must be a member of the Vampire Facial®️ Provider group and fully licensed and trained to properly use the FDA-approved Vampire Facial®️ equipment. Fortunately, we are members here at Alma Rose and completely qualified to do your Vampire Facial®️. Just submit the consultation form to get started!

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